The Southwest Symposium Organization is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge information on the archaeology of the U.S. Southwest and Mexican Northwest and including scholars working on both sides of the international border. The session on Saturday morning (February 1st) includes papers that will be delivered in both English and Spanish. To ensure that this information can be received by the broadest possible audience, the 2020 Southwest Symposium Conference is offering real-time translation services for both Spanish-English and English-Spanish for this session.

The session will be streamed to a group of remote translators, and individual attendees will be able to listen to the papers in translation using a smart phone or computer and headsets. In order to ensure that all goes smoothly on the day of the conference, we ask that you download the InterpreNet app (available for iOS and Android devices) ahead of the conference. We will have a small number of standard jack headphones available at the conference, but we suggest you bring your own if possible.

To download the app for iOS use the link here

To download the app for Android use the link here